Research and Commentary on the 2004 US Presidential Election (Steve Freeman)


July 9, 2006 Interview by Barry Gordon on KCAA in Los Angeles

July 7, 2006 Delaware News Journal: '00, '04 elections prove reform needed (U. Delaware Presentation sponsored by the Delaware Green Party)

March 16, 2006 Washington Post How To Steal an Election

October 14, 2005: Joint presentation with Warren Mitofsky of NEP to the American Statistical Association-Philadelphia Fall Meeting

Jan 19, 2005: Edison-Mitofsky Official Site  Report on the Exit Poll Discrepancy (77 page *.pdf) 

Jan 6, 2005 Congressional Record (Historic Session Challenging the Ohio Electors, see p. 17-18)

Jan 5, 2005: House Committee on the Judiciary Preserving Democracy: What Went Wrong in Ohio


Dec 8, 2004: Legislative Testimony Article


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Freeman & Bleifuss Was the 2004 Presidential Election Stolen? Exit Polls, Election Fraud, and the Official Count" Seven Stories Press. June 26, 2006

Presentation to the American Association of Public Opinion Research: Who really won -- and lost the 2004 US Presidential Election? (Montreal May 19, 2006)

Presentation to the American Statistical Association, Philadelphia: Polling Bias or Corrupted Count? Accepted Improbabilities and Neglected Correlations in 2004 US Presidential Exit Poll Data (October 14, 2005) Text Slides Handout  Reflections on the Presentations

Working Paper #05-05: Polling for Errors? Do Pre-Election Telephone Polls Track ľand Legitimizeľ Corrupted Election Tallies through Flawed Methodologies? An Analysis of the 2004  US Presidential Election and the Pre-Election Polls (July 11, 2005) Available by request.

Working Paper #05-04: 2004 An Examination of Exit Poll Accuracy and Discrepancies with Official Counts in U.S. Elections (June 2005) Available by request.

Research Report US Count Votes: Analysis of the 2004 Presidential Election Exit Poll Discrepancies (March 31, 2005)

Research Report US Count Votes: Response to Mitofsky-Edison Report (January 28, 2005) 

Working Paper #05-01: Hypotheses for Explaining the Exit Poll-Official Count Discrepancy in the 2004 US Presidential Election (January 5, 2005)

Research Report The Unexplained Exit Poll Discrepancy (pdf file)  (December 29, 2004)


June 12, 2006 Salon "Illegitimate Election"

June 3, 2006  Rolling Stone "Was the 2004 Election Stolen?" (By Robert F Kennedy Jr.)

May 17, 2005 American Association for Public Opinion Research: Response to Warren Mitofsky Presentation in Miami

Feb 16, 2005, In These Times: Exit Poll Report Suggests a Corrupted Election (despite what you may have heard)

Jan 20, 2005, Response to Criticism TomPaine, Alternet: Election Lost or Stolen?

Jan 20, 2005, University of Pennsylvania Press Release: Response to Mitofsky-Edison Report

Jan 20, 2005 (Presidential Inauguration), In These Times: Democracy's End?

Jan 6, 2005 (Challenge to Election Certification), San Francisco Chronicle Op-Ed Keeping our democracy alive: Did voters really count in U.S. election?

Dec 11, 2004 Penn Current Research Feature: Seeking answers to exit-poll discrepancy (published January 12, 2005)

Nov 24, 2004, Philadelphia Inquirer Op-Ed: Errors in exit polls still a puzzle