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  Family Horseback trip in Patagonia

I am happily married for 19 years and the proud father of 15-year-old twins.


We all enjoy tennis, travel, music, and language. My wife and I practice yoga and enjoy dance, especially Argentine tango Article on how and why I came to love Argentine tango


We recently celebrated Aurora's birthday with a surprise milonga. Here are the pictures.


Some recent op-ed articles:


San Francisco Chronicle, Jan 6, 2005

Keeping our democracy alive: Did voters really count in U.S. election?


Philadelphia Daily News, Oct 13, 2004 Fiscal Cleansing: The Unheralded Economic Accomplishment of George W. Bush


Philadelphia Daily News, Mar 31, 2003 Why Protest (the war in Iraq)


Daily Pennsylvanian, Feb 22, 2001

Fighting for a Model of Neighborhood Education

In addition to scholarly and business articles, I have published features, columns, theater reviews, and op-ed articles in Newsday (Long Island, NY), the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News, the Albuquerque Tribune, and the Tico Times (Costa Rica).